The Elk-Hunting Capital of the World

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When a destination branding project in Craig, Colorado, stalled, local businessman John Ponikvar decided to take matters into his own hands.

An avid hunting enthusiast, Ponikvar printed up hats, t-shirts and banners emblazoned with the slogan "Craig Colorado: The Elk Hunting Capital of the World."

Absent any agreement on a better idea, and in the face of brisk sales at the local Kum & Go store, the local branding committee decided to embrace the hunting theme.

Craig is now squarely positioned to compete against gunpowder hospitality giants including Lakeside Arizona (The Big Game Hunting Capital of the World), Stuttgart Arkansas (The Duck Hunting Capital of the World), Southeast Texas (The Goose Hunting Capital of the World), Albany Georgia (The Quail Hunting Capital of the World), and Redfield South Dakota (The Pheasant Capital of the World).  The "Stop Sign", "Old Beer Can", and "Clumsy Hunting Buddy" capitals appear to be still up for grabs.

Craig will face stiff competition against hunting-based destinations that have broadened their brand position to encompass a wider tourism experience.  Llano, Texas, for example, in a clever move toward vertical integration in the tourism business, claims to be both the Deer Hunting Capital of Texas and The Barbeque Capital of the World.

Not everyone in Craig is pleased with the decision.  One local man was recently gored by a presumably miffed deer.

Note: We’ve re-published article as part of a series of the most popular pieces from our former blog (BrandCanadaBlog). We can’t promise all the links will work, and some of the references may be a bit dated, but we think the examples and insights are still valid.


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