Deep Fried Truth: Memphis Cuisine

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As mentioned in my look at Wales, I have a great deal of respect for tourism destinations and tourism marketers who have the guts to face up to the truth in their brand rather than chasing universal appeal.  Too often, tourism campaigns seem designed to appeal to the widest possible audience, with the result being that differentiation goes out the window in favor of being able to check off every box on tourists' wish lists.  As is often said in marketing circles, it's better to mean everything to someone than to mean something to everyone.

So I was thrilled to stumble across this banner ad from Memphis Tourism:

"If you want fried chicken, we'll make you fried chicken.  If you want chicken cordon bleu, we'll make you fried chicken"

Rather than using the usual cliches of "world class culinary delights" etc, Memphis has in one small banner ad sold what makes its culinary offering different and put a penny in the Memphis brand jar by presenting food through the lens of their brand personality.

Simple and effective.  Just the way we like them.

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