Travel is really about creating lasting memories. From crunching the ancient snow of glaciers to hot-footing over lava flows and balancing on the decks of boats from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Thailand, we’ve been fortunate to set foot in some pretty spectacular parts of the world. These are a few of the moments that have stuck with us, and places you should go.

Go Heli-Hike in the Bugaboos

Hands-down, one of the most extra-ordinary travel experiences to be had.

Stroll through wildflower meadows, hike across ancient glaciers and stand on top of the world without a single man-made object in site. All the while having a private helicopter and gourmet meals at your beck and call. Not too shabby.

Click on the pic to visit Canadian Mountain Holidays, purveyors of fine Heli-Ski and Heli-Hiking adventures.

Go Lava-walk on the Island of Hawaii

This was one of those “if you told me what we were going to do before we left I never would have done it but looking back I’m really glad I did it” moments.

A midnight walk over thin-crust lava to the edge of a cliff where molten rock flows like a river into the ocean. Jam a stick into the cracks beneath your feet and watch it catch on fire.

Do not attempt without a very trustworthy local guide.

Go Have a Drink at the Pelican Bar

Ask a local fisherman to sail you out to the Pelican Bar, a Gilligan’s Island kind of place built on a sandbar just off the south coast of Jamaica.

Grab a chilly Red Stripe or two and lounge in the over-water hammock while fish swim beneath your feet. Fresh-caught lobster cooked at the bar over a charcoal fire makes for a delicious lobster sandwich before catching your boat back to the mainland.

We stayed at Jake’s Place in an ocean-front cottage with a wooden deck that reached right over the ocean. Click on the pic to visit Jake’s Place.

Go Build an Igloo in Banff

Sure, there’s lots of great hotels in Banff, but why not build your very own igloo?

It’s a great way to get in touch with nature, hone your survival skills and enjoy an amazing view while you’re at it. No special tools required — this one was built with a couple of recycling bins and a Crazy Carpet.

Afterward, relax at the nearby Banff Hot Springs and regale your fellow tourists with tales of the igloo before retiring to a real hotel room. Click on the pic to find more adventures in Banff, Alberta.

Go Ride a Water Taxi in Bangkok

Bangkok water taxis are propelled by what seems to be an old Chevy V8 engine attached to a long stick. The ride is noisy, but super-cheap and a quick way to navigate the wonderful chaos of Bangkok.

Peek your head above the spray-shield for a great view of the Bangkok riverfront and its many temples.

Photo by feserc.

Go See the Sunset in Yellowknife

Even when the Northern Lights aren’t putting on their other-worldly laser show, the sunsets in Yellowknife are spectacular.

Take a walk through Old Town, where the original mining shacks are still occupied, and watch the sunset add a fresh coat of paint to the roller skates, discarded dolls and flower pots that locals use to decorate their homes.

Click on the pic to find more adventures in Yellowknife.

Go Sail to an Iceberg off Newfoundland

In the Spring of each year, you can see icebergs from the shore in Newfoundland, but if you want an up close and personal experience with one (close enough to hear them crackle and pop!) charter a sailboat from the pretty community of Trinity.

Click on the pic to visit Trinity Adventures, purveyors of fine arts and sailing adventures.

Photo provided courtesy of The Canadian Tourism Commission.