Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Social Media Innovation from Banff Lake Louise Tourism

We’ve worked with Banff Lake Louise Tourism in various capacities for several years now. They’re a great bunch of folks who are always looking to push the envelope and try new things.

We’ve run professional development workshops for their members, pitched in on presentations for industry events and, most recently, we’ve helped them launch and manage one of the most innovative social media programs in tourism.

Beginning in 2008, we worked with Banff to create a unique way to bring the destination and the destination brand to life: enlist the locals to tell their own stories of Banff.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve helped them create a series of more than 125 videos showcasing Banff and Lake Louise which we distribute on social media sites including YouTube, Blip.TV and others.

Using video to promote tourism isn’t new, but what’s innovative here is that most of the videos don’t focus on travel experiences — they simply give an insight into how the locals live and cover a wide range of topics tailor-made to reach a wide range of folks before they even begin their travel planning.  Interested in tricked out bicycles or how to tie a fly for near-sighted fishermen?  If so, you might find yourself learning a bit about Banff while pursuing those interests.

Click here for the videos or click on the graphic below.

We’ve expanded the program to include a presence on Facebook and Twitter, all of which gives Banff a direct connection to their travellers. Banff’s foresight in developing the program put us all in a great position when the Banff Crasher Squirrel phenomenon happened – read more about that here.

The initiative has garnered attention for Banff in both traditional and non-travel social media spaces, and the program has been nominated for several industry awards.

“A prime example of leveraging the viral nature of online video while being informative at the same time.” – Jim Brody, TripAdvisor

“This type of genuine, first-hand reporting holds more substance and sway with consumers, who are more likely these days to listen to each other versus a polished marketing campaign.” – Canadian Tourism Commission